Coffe & DRINKS Menu

We specialize in making the finest coffees from the best beans. Our teas are delicious!


100% Hawaii Coffee of the day


Marc's Malabar Mocha - Espresso, creme de cacao, caramel sauce, heavy creme, dark chocolate

Honeymoon Latte - Espresso, Big Island Honey, organic milk

Horchata Cold Brew


Vietnamese Cold Brew - Cold brew, sweet and condensed milk

Le Noire et Blanc - Cold Brew, Local Tahitian Vanilla gelato

Thai Latte - Espresso, sweet and condensed milk, organic milk

Cubano Latte - double espresso, cinnamon, raw sugar, extra shot

Bulletproof - hot coffee, coconut oil, ghee butter, blended

Affogado - Local Tahitian vanilla gelato, double espresso

Cafe au Lait - Coffee, steamed organic milk

Caffe Latte/Cappuccino - Espresso, organic milk

Caramel Macchiato - double espresso, vanilla, caramel, organic milk

Black Eye - Coffee, double espresso

Pacific Chai Tea Latte - cinnamon, anise, cloves, ginger, honey

Matcha Tea Latte

Hawaiian Mamaki

Plantation Iced

Assorted Organic Teas

BLENDED drinks

Olena Golden Milk Tea

Il Gelato Fraps - mocha, caramel, coffee, strawberry

Green Energy Smoothie - Green Energy, kale, green tea, coconut water, Big Island honey, fresh berries

Fruit Smoothies

Mixes Berry Smoothie

Sky Kambucha (ginger, spicy citrus).